Il Cappottino

What : exclusive italian brand coats (men/women)

Who : Gianluigi Berardinelli

Where, Senigallia, Italy

Il Cappottino” is an Italian brand created in 2007 from a personal passion for what the designer believes to be an item which truly “improves the image of anyone who wears it”. Being a retailer for a long time he has always noticed that manufactures invest very few resources on the coats , relegating it to “the bottom of the closet”. He therefore decided to create “Il Cappottino”, a brand that would show its importance.

The coats are made in Italy by traditional and high-quality sewing factories which work for many important fashion brands. They manufacture several models that can be made in all the fabrics of the collection. The collection can be divided in a classic part made with the most precious fabrics by the best Italian manufacturers. The peculiarity of other part of the collection is the search for special and colorful fabrics made by sophisticated international manufacturers.

logo Il Cappottino