Monc’ in piazza


Monc’ in piazza sunglasses are completely handmade in Italy by expert and skilled craftsmen.

Who: Sergio Casagrande

Where: Senigallia, Italy

Monc’ in piazza offers a range of timeless models, constantly accompanied by new proposals, the result of sensations and emotions gathered around the world, in places where fashion and art are more proactive and innovative in the constant effort to anticipate and predict even  the tastes and expectations of the most fashion-conscious.

Experience and knowledge of the samples of the best brands of eyewear and the ability to understand needs and desires of the public, have led to the creation of a vintage-inspired brand  but reinterpreted with volumes and colors reflecting modern trends.

Monc’ in piazza” stands for “Monc'” in the square. The term “monc'” is the dialect form for “monco” and it means “without arms”. In Senigallia we call “monc’ in piazza” the statue of Neptune that is in the fountain in “piazza Roma”. This Neptune has no arms (as you can see in the brand’s logo) and we use to refer to him for typical phrases like “could you loan me some money?” “Ask for it at the Monc’ in piazza”. We just put our sunglasses on him!

logo Monc ' in Piazza